Graber Arch top oval rod kit


  • FINISH: Clear (1)
  • NOTE: Includes measuring and sewing guide.
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Graber Arch top oval rod kit

Quality Notes: Crystal Clear RodsSpecialty Window Kits
• Include ­ hardware, clear r odding, and instructions for creating arch, oval, eyebrow, and circular treatments
Specialty Window Kits
• Feature flexible Crystal Clear rodding that easily bends to the desired shape of window
• Rod easily cuts to length with a hacksaw
• Splice rods together to fit even the largest window
• Rod snaps into clear clips installed in the frame for a secure fit
Kit includes:
• (1–2) 46″ Crystal Clear rod
• (5–10) clear mounting clips
• (1–2) rod splice
• (1–2) 14″ strap
• (1–2) strap fastener
• Measuring/sewing guide
• Inside mount bracket/outside mount bracket

Specialty instructions
Specialty instructions

Arch Rod Mounting Accessories
• Simplify the creation of arch window treatments
• Clear center support clips are an unobtrusive part of the finished treatment
• The splice will hold Crystal Clear rod in circular shape for use with porthole windows


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