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BasicQ has a Sash Curtain Rod for You

BasicQ has a Sash Curtain Rod for Your window From small side windows to large windows. Made by Kirsch, a drapery hardware leader for over 100 years.

Sash rod
Clear Sash Rod Single
$14.00 – $15.10
Sash curtain rod

11/16″ flat sash rod
Sash Rod Flat 11/16 Inch construction
$5.10 – $5.50
Sash curtain rod

5/16″ sash door rod
Sash Rod Flat 5/16 Inch
$4.60 – $5.80
Select options5/16" sash door rod

11/16″ flat sash rod
Sash Rod Flat Lockseam 11/16 Inch
$7.60 – $12.50
Select options

Door Sash Tension Rod Zinc Spring Coil
Double Lockseam Curtain Rod

7/16″ sash rod
White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single
7/16" sash rod

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Introducing AriA Decorative Drapery Hardware

The AriA® Metal Hardware line offers seven designer hardware collections
providing a beautiful range of finial designs and a full line of coordinating
accessories across two pole diameter options. The 1 1/8″ diameter Atelier,
Artisan, Abode, French Returns and 1 1/8″ H-Rail collections are designed
to work seamlessly with each other allowing you to create customized mix-and-
match decorative hardware designs and solutions. The larger 1 3/8″ diameter
Antiquities and 1 3/8″ H-Rail collections offer updated traditional finial designs
in layered, multi-pass antiqued finishes with innovative functional accessories.

BasicQ will be introducing the line in steps starting with the 1 3/8″ diameter. This will broaden our Decorative Metal Selection that will give you a wider selection.Antique Brass C-ring Blakely Urn ColorsAriA Color ChartDevon Knob FinialWall Bracket for 1 3/8"

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Covid Business Social Distancing

Covid Business Social Distancing ideals for Restaurants, Gyms, Hair Salons, Barber shops, Nail Salons and open office areas.9600 curtain rod Track systemThe Architrac is used for cubicle curtains and showers in Nursing Homes and hospitals around the country. This application can be used with a little planning in restaurants, gyms, hair salons barber shops and more. Together with the suspension bar and connector chains it can be used either suspended from ceiling or from wall. A special easy glide roller carrier coupled with hook attachment allows regular shower curtains to be used as eyelets are already on them. Also, shower curtains come in clear which works well in public areas where blocking the view is not wanted. Of coarse it is easy to assemble all the pieces needed to complete you project. Covid Business Social Distancing ideals for Business.

More items offered by BasicQ Curtain Rods

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BasicQ Curtain and Drapery Hardware

BasicQ Curtain and Drapery Hardware carries the full line of Kirsch drapery and curtain hardware. From basic curtain rods to hard to find styles of yesteryear rods for restoring older homes, we can furnish it. Most is right here online ready for you to place and process your order. Some of the custom assembled rods take a few days or so, but most of the stock items are on the way to you under 2 days.

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Door Sash Tension Rod Zinc Spring Coil

Door Sash Tension Rod Zinc Spring Coil used on wood doors, top and bottom to hold your curtain in place when opening and closing the door. Hardware is included to install the two spring sash rods. This product is for the unusual need that pops up where standard sash rod does not fit. Size: 20″ to 36″ this is the stretch limit.