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White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single

7/16" sash rod
7/16″ sash rod

7/16″ sash rod
White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single

Adjust 18″ to 28″
One set per pack
Mounting hardware included
White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single quantity
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SKU: 1940339
Category: Sash Rods
Tag: sash curtain rod
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White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single:
Designed to mount on the sash of a window, normally at the top and bottom. Curtain is shirred onto the rod for desired fullness close to the sash of the window.

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New Polished Chrome Finish Altran Collection

New Polished Chrome Finish Altran Collection includes rods, brackets, finials and rings. Both 3/4″ diameter and 1 3/16″ diameter rods and components.

Newest Addition!
To Metal by Altran Cl ass ic Collection Polished Chrome.
Make a unique statement with this inspired collection of Polished Chrome drapery hardware. Combining a bright, contemporary finish with elegant functionality, this is a refreshing new addition to Metal by Altran.

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Belmont Wood Drapery Hardware Sale

Belmont Wood Drapery Hardware is made using the finest quality of solid wood in the Northern Region of Spain. Belmont is a collection of 1 3/8 ̋ and 2 ̋ diameter poles, accessories, and traverse rods which are available in 9 finishes in each diameter.

Introductory Sale Through October! Enjoy an extra 5% over the already competitive pricing

Belmont Poles are offered in 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. lengths with a choice of smooth or reeded styles. These are single segment poles without finger joints giving each pole a beautiful consistent finish. All finials are solid wood and craved to design.