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Kirsch Architrac 94004 Series

Architrac 94004 curtain rod track
Architrac 94004 curtain rod track

This versatile track allows for a ceiling mount from the back side flange. It is pre-drilled and openly accessible. Other tracks in this category make you drill up through the channel where the carriers go. It is easy to bump the rail where the carriers run, causing a small bump. Of coarse it does not prevent the track from working. It just deters the smooth operation of the drapery. For this reason, the Kirsch Architrac 94004 curtain rod is best for ceiling mount. As a result, installation is easier. In contrast, you select the best profile for the installation. BasicQ window treatment hardware center.

94004 Specifications
Architrac 94004 details

Available in 12 foot and 16 foot lengths. 16 foot size comes in white, bronze, black and anodized. We also offer cutting to size at no cost. You also save on shipping cost when largest size after cut is less than 104 inches.

Come, look, buy the Architrac system that is best for you.

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